Twitter for educators

I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter.  Since it’s inception, I think I have ‘tried’ it half a dozen times but never really stuck with it.  Increasingly, I have found that conferences for educators are running Twitter feeds live as the presentation proceeds.  At first I found this quite odd.  I mean – aren’t you supposed to be paying attention to the speaker? Taking notes?  But as I have become more used to it, I have reopened my account @katecutts and joined in.  What drew me in was the sharing between the silent. Being at one with a group of other people. Being in the moment with them and learning from their observations.  It’s like a multiplier of my learning.

Then today I read this blogpost from George Couros: What should a networked educational leader tweet about? It gives a great snapshot of the kinds of learning and professional networking that comes from tweeting.

Love to hear your thoughts on Twitter.



Welcome to my e-Portfolio

I recently attended a workshop by George Couros discussing the National Professional Standards for Teachers and how we can continuously learn through the process of blogging.

Setting up an e-Portfolio was easy and fun.

You can view a clip about starting an e-Portfolio here:

This blog is a way for me to engage in Professional Learning as well as post material to the different categories which make up the 7 National Professional Standards for Teachers.

It should be pretty easy for me to keep track of all the things I have learnt in the one easy place.  Perhaps I need a back-up plan?  What if WordPress disappears off the internet?  Should I still keep a paper file of everything?

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