Generation Alpha

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Paul Inkles

New research from Mark McCrindle reported in the Herald Sun today that 300,000 Australian babies born in the past year – Generation Alpha – will be “smarter, richer, healthier – and lonelier” than previous generations.

That’s an interesting list.  Especially the part about being lonelier.  With all the extra education, lifestyle and health on offer, why on earth would they be lonelier?  Living alone and less likely to marry? With house prices and expenses continuing to rise, will multi-generational households become more common for future generations of Australians, I wonder, so that living alone actually becomes less common. We really need to continue to promote wellbeing and positive relationships in our schools and in society generally.  Many of those relationships may be online, but we also need that human connection – with our loved ones, workmates, pets or even the person you meet as you go about your business today.

I think the name ‘Alpha’ was a clever choice for this new generation.  To me, it signals a sense of mastery in their lives.  I hope that their interest in all things healthy and successful includes a sense of mastery in looking after their happiness and wellbeing too.


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