Breakfast Club 2.0

After spending the day at CEGSA Masterclass with George Couros and 4 of my colleagues, it’s time to dive into the water and write my first blog post.  You see, the posts below are just practices, little reminders for me of the way you add and change things in the blog.  And now they remind me of my new Breakfast Club 2.0.

The original Breakfast Club movie in 1985 involved locking students in detention on a Saturday so they could understand what teachers want from them.  In my Breakfast Club 2.0, a large group of teachers voluntarily locked themselves in on a Saturday so they could understand what students want from them.  Oh how times have changed!

So today I have subscribed to as many of their blogs as I can and followed them on Twitter.  Connected myself. Put myself out there.  And now I’m doing what George suggested – Publish then Filter.  Don’t get hung up on the content. Just get in the game.

What I want from my Breakfast Club 2.0 is to learn.  To connect with people who really care about what’s happening in our classrooms and schools.  I’ve always thought that I have learnt one new thing from every conference I’ve been to, even if it’s never to go to a conference like that again!  But the beauty of what CEGSA is trying to do is bring 2.0 to a really diverse cross section of teachers.  You don’t need to be a ICT teacher or leader to tap into what they have on offer.  I’m sure that the things I have learnt yesterday will enable me to connect better and wider in my teaching interest areas – psychology, positive education and educational leadership to name a few.

So, call me crazy, but I’m hoping that by putting myself in detention on a Saturday, I will have opened up my world.

Welcome in.


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